What’s Next for Software as a Service in 2022?

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What do you think will be the next trend in Software as A Service (SaaS) in 2022? It may seem like an impossible question to answer, but it’s not as much of a stretch as you might think. A few years ago, if you had asked industry experts about the direction that SaaS would take in 2022, few would have been able to predict the current state of affairs in this sector of the technology industry.

Software as a service models

Rather than relying on big, up-front fees, SaaS is typically billed monthly or annually based on usage. The end result is an easy, predictable business model that minimizes risk and makes it easier to scale. This approach has been incredibly successful; today nearly all startups have SaaS models. And SaaS is only growing more popular. In fact, Gartner predicts that by 2020 half of all software will be delivered as a service.

SaaS Evolution: Where Will It Lead Us In 2022?

At its core, Software-as-Service (SaaS) is all about optimizing processes by leveraging technology to make them easier, faster and more efficient. Thanks to ongoing innovation, SaaS has been transforming businesses around since inception in 2002.

Examples of SaaS Evolution

SaaS has evolved quickly since it was introduced more than 15 years ago. Originally, SaaS didn’t even exist; software was sold on CDs or hard drives and included physical manuals that customers would have to read to learn how to use it. Now, SaaS is an easy-to-use, almost always accessible platform that many people are turning to over traditional software options. The following examples illustrate just how far we’ve come from those early days of SaaS

The Future of Software-as-a-Service

How is Business Changing? As SaaS becomes more and more popular, its role within businesses will continue to grow. Within 3 years, 72% of software used by companies across all industries will be delivered via software-as-service model. The flexibility and ease of use make it a natural choice for small businesses as well. In fact, according to Inc., 50% of small businesses surveyed say they will be using SaaS by 2018.

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