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10 Free CRM Solutions That Startups Can’t Afford to Miss

Written by launchpoadmin

Managing your customer relationships, leads, and sales takes time, effort, and organization. A good CRM tool can help you stay on top of everything, which will save you time and money in the long run. That’s why it’s important to choose your CRM solution carefully; not all CRMs are created equal. Many CRM solutions require additional features and cost hundreds of dollars per month, making them unaffordable to startups and small businesses with tight budgets. For this reason, we’ve compiled this list of free CRM solutions that are easy to use and accessible to everyone who needs them.

1) Pipedrive

This online customer relationship management system comes with all sorts of nifty features, such as integrations with social media and project management software. For $2 per user per month, Pipedrive also includes mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you don’t have a lot of cash on hand but are still looking for a great CRM option, Pipedrive is an excellent choice.

2) Hubspot CRM

Hubspot has taken it upon themselves to help their customers organize and collaborate more effectively. As such, they’ve developed a free CRM solution that lets users manage and organize information about contacts, deals, revenue, etc. It’s not as robust as other solutions on our list (since it is free), but if you want a quick way to track all your data in one place – Hubspot is an excellent solution.

3) Simplereach

Simplereach is a free customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps small business owners manage their sales and marketing efforts. The platform allows users to keep track of contacts and leads, write personalized emails, set automated reminders for follow up and create custom reports. You can even send mass SMS notifications when you need to reach out en masse. The tool’s mobile-ready design gives you full access on your iOS or Android device, allowing you stay on top of contacts no matter where you are.

4) Insightly

Insightly helps you keep track of your contacts and manage customer relations. This web-based software works on any computer or mobile device. The trial version includes unlimited users, email tracking, and automated contact management tools. For additional features like file sharing and task management, you can upgrade for a fee at any time. Pricing starts at $9 per user per month for plans with up to 200 users; it’s $15 per user per month for 500+ users.

5) Datanyze

One of my favorite free tools for startups, Datanyze is a self-hosted business data platform that allows users to pull in a slew of information about their customers. It’s got support for top sales and marketing platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, MailChimp, Google Analytics and more. It also offers a native mobile app so you can track your customer information on-the-go. Check out our in-depth review here. (Free)

6) Freshsales

Freshsales is a free and open source sales software that will help you get started with just about any kind of sales process. It offers advanced email, activity tracking, and forecasting capabilities, as well as integrations with third-party apps such as Slack, Google Docs and Salesforce. A basic version of Freshsales is also available for your mobile devices.

7) ZohoCRM

ZohoCRM is a free customer relationship management system, making it one of your best free CRM options for small startups. With ZohoCRM, you can manage contacts and leads, sales opportunities and tasks, track messages and notes and send email campaigns. You’ll also have access to integrations with other apps, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce and MailChimp. The basic version of ZohoCRM is absolutely free; it even allows unlimited contacts.

8) Salesforce

Salesforce is a SaaS-based customer relationship management (CRM) application. It is useful for small business owners who need to keep track of clients and leads while working on other aspects of their business. Users can also connect Salesforce with third-party apps, giving them access to relevant information quickly. However, there are many other free CRM solutions available today that provide similar features and benefits at no cost.

9) ExactTarget

ExactTarget’s Salesforce-integrated suite of marketing automation and customer communication tools can help you personalize engagement at every point in your customer lifecycle. This fully customizable cloud platform allows you to integrate with a variety of third-party applications, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics and Salesforce.

10) CapsuleCRM

CapsuleCRM is an all-in-one small business software that runs on your computer. It’s easy, friendly and beautiful and it doesn’t cost a penny. Try CapsuleCRM for free!

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