6 Cheaper Alternatives to Audible That Will Help You Save Money

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Audible has been around since 1998, and has grown in popularity over the years. However, Audible can be quite expensive, especially if you’re trying to afford it with a tight budget. If you want to enjoy audiobooks but don’t want to pay Audible prices, there are some cheaper alternatives out there that will still allow you to enjoy your favorite audiobooks and stories while saving some money in the process. Here are six of those cheap alternatives to Audible that will help you save money in the long run!

1) Use discount codes

There are numerous discount codes available on sites like RetailMeNot and CouponChief, allowing you to save anywhere from 10% to 60% off your purchase. These sites search through thousands of different deals at once, so you can often find a coupon for Audible without doing any extra work. Just be sure that it doesn’t expire!

2) Look for $0.99 deals

Sites like BookBub and BargainBooksy offer limited-time discounted deals for specific books. This can help you expand your literary horizons for cheap, especially if you’re a voracious reader or looking to discover new authors. Check out our best book deals page for more information.

3) Check for Prime Day deals

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, check out Prime Day to get some great deals on books. If you’re not a member, it might be worth getting one just for Prime Day (Note: there are other benefits besides getting access to deals). Use code TD50 for 50% off any book on Amazon!

4) Get audiobooks from your local library

Not only is borrowing audiobooks from your local library absolutely free, but it’s also a great way to support your local community. Keep in mind that you can download and listen on a phone or tablet with an app like OverDrive—no audible subscription required. Plus, all of these options are supported by physical libraries so if you can’t connect to WiFi, there’s still tons of entertainment at your fingertips!

5) Enjoy free public domain audiobooks from Librivox

If you’re looking for a place to get free audiobooks, look no further than Librivox. This website has hundreds of free audiobooks—audio versions of classic books—that you can download and listen to on your computer or mobile device. If you don’t like one, move on and check out another. Your membership lets you bookmark any title as a favorite so you don’t lose track of them.

6) Create your own audiobook using an app like GarageBand

Audiobooks can cost anywhere from $10-$40 or more, depending on whether you buy them in hard copy or on your phone. But there are other ways to listen: with an iPhone/iPad and a microphone, you can read a book and turn it into an audiobook yourself—and that’s free! Here’s how: 1. Get GarageBand ($4.99) 2. Set up your phone’s camera so it faces away from you 3.

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